Here's what some of our clients had to say:

“We found ourselves in a crisis situation regarding a paper found by the custodian in a computer lab printer. It contained a “dark” quote referencing suicide—we were unable to determine who may have written it and when. We contacted our Aristotle representative at 10:00pm to help us and he went right to work. Within an hour, our computer technology person and this dedicated employee at Sergeant Laboratories were able to determine who had logged on, from which computer and at what time this paper was produced. We immediately contacted the parents of this student and they were able to take the appropriate action to prevent a potential tragedy. We never balk at renewing our Aristotle program. Their staff is truly dedicated to helping schools. They are unlike many software companies we deal with, where the major concern seems to be sales.”
-Steve Sedlmayr, Supt. of Schools - Alma, WI

"Aristotle Academic is a product a school district cannot live without if they are putting child safety as a top priority. In addition, we have found the tech support and consulting to be unequaled and always available. I heartily recommend Aristotle Academic and encourage you to install it before a situation dictates that you do!"
-Jim Allen, District Technology Coordinator - Monroe School District

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