Installation and Network Traffic Load
Traditionally, agent based security, patch management or virus products were viewed as difficult to deploy. With AristotleTM, deployment is very straightforward. A network engineer may use Sergeant Laboratories visual deployment tool to track and install the agent, or he may use Active Directory Scripts, Zen Works Objects®, Ghosting (our command line ‘whitehat’ tool), or industry available software deployment tools.

AristotleTM generates minimum network traffic and is designed to have a small foot print on target machines. Unlike event log aggregators, AristotleTM agents employ tokenized real-time report actions to the DataVaultTM server. The use of this technique insures that network traffic is light and foot prints are minimal.

How Reports are Distributed
Reports are distributed via email or by departmental login. Computers, Users, or a combination of Computers and Users may be grouped into Department groupings. A manager may get a departmental report via email, or they may login to the DataVaultTM and view only their departmental data. To generate these emails, Aristotle needs access to a valid email account on the customer’s email system.

Adding User and Computer Names
User names, computer names and application names do not have to be preloaded into the system for proper reporting. This data is collected by the system and notifies the security officer when a new name appears. The system administrator can then organize the machines/users into departments via our “user grouping tool,” which is on the administrator side of the DataVaultTM.

Detecting System Problems and Upgrades
The DataVaultTM sends a nightly status email to Sergeant Laboratories. This email is in understandable text and may be reviewed by the security officer before being released to Sergeant Laboratories. The email is used to notify any abnormal conditions on the server to the Sergeant Laboratories Support Team. Information regarding the use or data collected by AristotleTM is not released to Sergeant Laboratories. Sergeant Laboratories cannot access the data on AristotleTM

Updates and Upgrades are performed in one of two ways. 

1. A customer can select to have the system automatically upgrade itself, in which case, no further action is required.

2. A customer can select to receive an email notification of available upgrades. They can then log on to the AristotleTM system and manually select an upgrade via the Internet. This functionality is in place for security-conscious customers who wish to control upgrades.

For further information, please visit the Hardware & System Requirements page.

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