Operating System Requirements
AristotleTM runs in modern (Vista, 2003, 2000, XP, XP-SP2) and legacy (95, 98, NT) Windows® environments. It works with Novell® networks and executes on thin clients such as Terminal Services® or Citrix®.

Server Requirements
AristotleTM runs on a server we call the DataVaultTM. The DataVaultTM is a 1U rack mount needing a static IP, which the user can configure. The DataVaultTM needs to be housed in a physically secure location, usually near the main switch and always behind the enterprise firewall. All accesses to the DataVaultTM are recorded. Technical staff accesses the DataVaultTM through an administration password, while security officers and company management may access the reports though another (multiple) password. This insures that technical staff cannot view sensitive information and also provides a chain of evidence regarding who has accessed the DataVaultTM.

For further information, please visit the Hardware & System Requirements page.

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