What is this used for?
Aristotle™ is used to monitor and report on computer systems and application usage and policy compliance.

What is the DataVault™?
The DataVault™ is the server component of the Aristotle™ system. The DataVault™ comes preconfigured and is included in the price of the system.

I am not technical. How much IT staff resources are required to use this?
Technical staff will be required to install Aristotle™. From removal of the DataVault™ from shipping container to powered up and fully deployed is usually 1⁄2 day of effort for one person.

Who is Sergeant Laboratories?
Sergeant Laboratories, Inc. is a Wisconsin corporation. We are privately held and have been in business for over fourteen years.

Are there patents on the Aristotle™ Technology?
The Aristotle™ Technology has been in development since 1995 and first commercialized in 2001. There are numerous patents and pending patents covering the technology.

Do you provide consulting or on site training?
No. We provide the tool for reporting and surveillance of computer resources. We have partners who provide consulting and training if needed.

Has your technology been used to prosecute criminals?

Has your technology been used to prevent a student suicide?

Has your technology detected student incidences similar in profile to Columbine?

Have people been terminated from employment because of your technology?

What was the most surprising criminal activity you detected?
Embezzlement of company funds by a senior officer.

Is your product used in Fortune 500 companies?

Do you partner with resellers or security consulting firms?

I currently am running Event Log Aggregators, does this replace the aggregators?
No. Aggregators have useful but separate purposes. They are an important part of any organization's overall defense in-depth strategy. However they tend to be overwhelming in system requirements and very difficult for security officers to review and understand. Aristotle™ has a very small foot print on your systems and allows for rapid, and many times automatic, discovery of problems in the system. Aristotle™ provides the documentation and proof that policies are working.

Can I replace my Firewalls or Internet Filters?
No. You still need to have a security policy and infrastructure.

I run Zen Works® and I think it does this.
Zen Works® is a great product but it is targeted for system management. Its reporting features are geared toward software coverage and deployment. Aristotle™ is used to track, report and provide forensic coverage of actual human use of the systems.

"I am happy that you have grown the way you have, you have a great product. You also have been extremely responsive to requests and believe me that means a lot to have a vendor who continually improves the product. Keep up the good work."

-Craig Flagel, Director - Portage County Data Processing

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