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Legislative and Regulatory compliance requirements extend beyond the business hours, because your computing environment is active around the clock. Do you have an incident response plan to comply with the legislation requiring that you monitor access to protected health information, your financial data or any other confidential or proprietary data? How do you know your computer usage policies and system security are being followed and work? With Aristotle you can show compliance, detect failures and prove remediation. Being able to monitor and track computer use is simply a good practice and can even provide assistance to the help desk for tracking problems.

Here is a sampling of what Aristotle can monitor:

System, User and Application Usage Allows you to see how computers are used and when; a great way to audit your resources.
Keep Management Informed

Presented in a simple non-technical form, managers can check or review reports on employees regarding usage and data access.

Forensic Auditing Discover how, why and by whom a policy was violated.
Master Passwords or SuperUser Accounts Provide a computing control to track the activity of root and administrator or use of any “superuser” level accounts.
Application Access Track workstation executables, who accessed an application and at what time, identify mainframe use and what users enter into their mainframe sessions.
Application Utilization Know with confidence how much or how little various applications are being used. Know when you are reaching your limits for licensed software.
CyberSlacking Detect activity that is impacting employee productivity and be aware of website visits and file downloads including music or web applications unrelated to business. Be proactive in knowing if a workstation is being used for activity that breaks your security policy.
Emails, IM and chat room discussions Ensure communications tools are being used in an appropriate manner.

When Aristotle alerts you regarding any activity for your attention, you can drill down to see more detail and create full reports in as much detail as you would like.

Benefits of Aristotle:

Easy to use Central audit location for incident management to help increase the effectiveness of multiple system logs or reports.
Easy to understand Reports are clear, concise and to the point; auditor and compliance officer friendly.
Easy to modify Multiple levels of security are available to ensure privacy when needed.
Saves staff time Compliance officers and management can monitor compliance without involving technical staff.  Provides documentation for audits at any time.
Saves money Ensure software licenses are being used before purchasing more.
Discreet Handle disciplinary incidents with confidence, appropriately and internally – supporting information is stored securely in your Datavault.
Defendable Comprehensive data logging and adequate protection mechanisms provide Aristotle reports for a strong chain of evidence.
"I've worked with the Sergeant Labs products for almost 5 years and I have to admit they consistently amaze me with the high- quality solutions and services that customers receive. They remain the only product that I believe nearly every organization, in every industry needs to complete their incident management and compliance monitoring portfolio."

-Ken M. Shaurette, CISSP, CISA, CISM  - Engagement Manager - Technology Risk Management Recognized security expert.

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