Do you have knowledge of what goes on in the CyberHalls?

Think of Aristotle Academic as a non-intrusive lab monitor. It watches student activity without having someone looking over their shoulders. It tracks student activity, alerts when policy is broken and can help with critical incidents. At the first sign of unusual activity or activity you want to know about, it immediately sends a notification to an appropriate person to respond as you see fit. Aristotle Academic monitors on any aspect of your computing environment that you choose. Reports are available by individual users, computers, computer labs or by groups of at-risk students.

The knowledge you need when you need it, Aristotle Academic can monitor:

System, User and Application usage Recorded to show how resources are used and when—a great way to audit your resource utilization.
Program Installation and file Downloads

Quickly identified so you can find out who downloaded a particular application or music video.

Plagiarism Identify the real author of a written assignment.
Hacking Tools Detect and notify the installation and operation of hacking tool, password sniffer or other malicious or undesirable tools. Ensure that only appropriate users access your Student Management or Grading System.
Passwords Tracking can detect shared passwords or compromised administrative passwords, even use of the administrative password by unauthorized personnel.
Website Visits Designed to detect inappropriate materials. Find out and prove how well your web site filtering system really works.
Emails and Chat Room Discussions Shut them down or find out how are they being used. Listen for inappropriate, undesirable or predatory behavior.
Hate/Bomb Threats Find out who typed and printed that letter or threat. Detect a bomb threat in the planning stages using electronic means.
Printer Activity Track printer activity by user and machine

When Aristotle Academic alerts you regarding any activity for your attention, you can drill down to see more detail and create full reports in as much detail as you would like.

Benefits of Aristotle Academic:

Keep Parents Informed Provide parents with detailed reports of their student’s computer usage. This kind of information is invaluable when proving to parents or a school board a student’s abuse of acceptable use policy.
Easy to Understand Reports are clear, simple and to the point, and can be read by non-technical personnel.
Frees Technicians Time Notifications can be directed to lab monitors, teachers, vice-principals or guidance counselors.
Saves Money Cybervandalism is stopped dead in its tracks.  No more repairing machines unnecessarily or reinstalling software.
Reduces Politics No more arguing over how much a computer is used or what software is needed. Reports show exactly the amount of student use by computer, user and application. Help with budgeting by illustrating computer utilization.
Cost Efficient

Find out if the previously purchased software licenses are being put to use before you purchase more.

Discreet Instant reports allow your staff to handle situations internally and on your terms.
Defendable Information gathered is indisputable, supporting your case when a student or staff member is engaged in inappropriate computer activity.

"Aristotle Academic™ is a product in which a school district cannot live without, if they are putting child safety as a top priority. In addition, we have found the tech support and consulting to be unequaled and always available. I heartily recommend Aristotle Academic™ and encourage you to install it before a situation dictates that you do!"

-Jim Allen, District Technology Coordinator - Monroe School District

See what Aristotle can do for you! Take it for a guided test drive.
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