About Sergeant Laboratories

For well over a decade, Sergeant Laboratories has provided security and monitoring solutions for schools, businesses and government organizations.

In 1991, the Wisconsin-based company got its start developing advanced, real-time control and recognition technology. Engineers at the company built one of the first PC-based image acquisition boards (1992), the first successful genetic programming recognition engine (1993) and created some of the earliest advanced virus and Trojan software (1995) for monitoring users and measuring use.

In 1999, one of Sergeant Laboratories’ customers asked, “What are our computers actually being used for?” and the DataVault™ technology (integrating eight years of technology development) was born. The DataVault™ server forms the foundation for Sergeant Laboratories’ two user compliance monitoring products: Aristotle Academic™ for K-12 schools and Aristotle™ for businesses and government.

Customers all over the U.S., including countless schools, state and county governments, major banks, large health care organizations and mid-sized retailers are now using Aristotle Academic™ and Aristotle™, as well as counterpart organizations in several other countries.
“Other security and network solutions are just toys for techies. This product is an industrial- strength tool for management."

-Mark Chapman, CISSP, CISM - Chapman Technology Group, Inc.

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